Radeon HD7950 cgminer 1.15GHash Config Settings (Bitcoin)

I have been working on a cgminer config file for a few days now and below is a stable config file for a Radeon HD 7950 two card setup.  If you only have one card then use the second value only in any comma separated entries (i.e. “Intensity” : “9,11”, for one card would be “Intensity” : “11”,).  I have tested these settings and the miner has been running stable at 1.15 GHash/s for three days straight at the time of this article.

Radeon 7950 cgminer config file example (1150MHash/s or 1.15GHash/s)

“intensity” : “9,11″,
“vectors” : “1″,
“worksize” : “256″,
“kernel” : “diablo”,
“lookup-gap” : “0″,
“thread-concurrency” : “0″,
“shaders” : “0″,
“gpu-engine” : “1100″,
“gpu-fan” : “0-85″,
“gpu-memclock” : “500″,
“gpu-memdiff” : “0″,
“gpu-powertune” : “0″,
“gpu-vddc” : “0.000″,
“temp-cutoff” : “95″,
“temp-overheat” : “85″,
“temp-target” : “75″,
“api-port” : “4028″,
“expiry” : “120″,
“gpu-dyninterval” : “7″,
“gpu-platform” : “0″,
“gpu-threads” : “2″,
“hotplug” : “5″,
“log” : “5″,
“no-pool-disable” : true,
“queue” : “1″,
“scan-time” : “60″,
“temp-hysteresis” : “3″,
“shares” : “0″,
“kernel-path” : “/usr/local/bin”

Please keep in mind that my current environment is at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with both cards running at 74 degrees celsius.  This temperature is fine for the Radeon 7950 and can run at those temps constantly without issues.  If your card or cards run hotter just make sure that you keep them below 85 degrees celsius to avoid damaging your GPU’s.

If anyone has any advice and or improvements to these settings please let me know via the comments below and I will test and post results for others to see. As I make changes to the config file (if I see an increase in GHash I will post it here.

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Thank you for Donations and any input that you have on these settings.

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