Hello to those of you that are visiting for whatever the reason might be. I have started this website to be a collection of the things that not only interest me but the things that I learn throughout my own business Mofiki WorldWide, Inc., my 9-5 at Mood Media as their Web Developer, and fun scripts like WordPress Plugins that I develop in my free time. I am an Android enthusiast which you can see by my blog Android Advice & Tutorials where I review products, write tutorials, and much more. I am also a Web Developer for a global in-store media company called Mood Media which in North America was called Muzak when I started. I also own a website design and development company called Mofiki WorldWide Inc. and have created websites for companies like the Embassy Suites in Concord NC. I live in Denver North Carolina with my Wife and Daughter whom I love more than anything in this World. They are the reason I am as successful as I am and my inspiration to always better myself. My wife Terra is a Spa Director in Concord North Carolina and my daughter is a 4 year old version of her. I will say that my daughter is a huge daddies girl which I love and generally don’t get much done in the evening because we are spending time together.

What are my Primary Skills and Likes?
I am primarily a PHP developer and you will notice this in almost everything that I develop. I am also proficient in Javascript, JQuery, mySQL (which goes hand in hand with PHP), CSS3, and I’m alright at design in Photoshop. I prefer WordPress as a CMS since it has such wide acceptance and support as well as my incredible knowledge of the system. Plugin development for WordPress is a hobby that I started back in October and already have a few plugins floating around that are rather popular like AA’s Digg Digg Alternative.

I will be using this website to showcase and collect all of the items that may be useful to others like useful scripts, plugins and just general web related development.