Mood Media Corporation Goes Live with a Corporate Website Redesign

While I say redesign I mean complete custom and user friendly redesign from the ground up. I am a bit biased since I was on the small team that developed the website for Mood Media although I have to say we had a lot of fun and tried to make the experience less Corporate feeling. The new website is responsive and no longer tied to WordPress as its CMS to allow complete customization. The team that developed the website consists of Rocky Howard in London England, Brad Bond in Austin Texas and of course me Brandon Orndorff currently in Charlotte North Carolina.

New Mood Media Corporate Website

Features of the New Mood Media website are as follows:

  • Fully responsive with completely custom design and development
  • Featured sliders with homepage call to actions
  • Side sliding menu with sub navigation that disappears being replaced with a drop down menu on mobile devices.
  • Country map for users from other countries to find their local website from the corporate one easily paired with a beautiful featured map.
  • Many pages have CSS flip effects such as the leadership and sample pages as well as additional content behind the images.
  • Sample pages are customized to allow listening to samples easily without having to navigate past the major pages.
  • Contact forms have been updated to make it easier to contact Mood Media in whatever country you are it without having to jump through hoops.
  • While I could go on for some time I urge you to check it out yourself and let us know what you think.

While the three people mentioned above did all of the design, development and server related work to get the new website in order there are a few others that need to be given credit as they worked very hard on managing the project, creating the content for each page as well as all other non-technical aspects of the new websites delivery. Those involved are Ali Beer also in London England, Sumter Cox in Charlotte North Carolina and Jessica Reed in Austin Texas. We couldn’t have created such a beautiful website without the entire teams hard work and diligence.

New Mood Media Select Region Map

Again check it out and let me know what you think. Even though it is already released to the public we will likely run into many bugs and items to clean up as time goes on so let us know if you notice any bugs as well.

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