My Websites

Websites that I Brandon Orndorff have created, maintain and manage 100%. These are sites that are more hobby related and/or a second income generator. None of the sites you see here will have been done for a business or any other individual.

Android News, Root, Mods, and Advice

Android Advice & Tutorials

Created as a hobby site to give Android users related information and advice on everything from fixing their Android device issues to rooting and modifying their phones and tablets to make them truly custom. Most of the articles are technical and meant for users to quickly find a solution, review, or any other instructions without alot of useless information…
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Bitcoin Trading Resource for Buying and Selling

Bitcoin Cash Book

Created to help others keep track of their Bitcoin purchases, sales, averages and profits. This site was initially created for me to track all of my transactions and know what i needed to sell at to make a profit and decided it may as well be available to everyone. I also made it a free service since I was already developing it for me…
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Website Design and Development Resources SEO and Advertising

Web Design & Development

Created more as a resource for myself than anything else but made available to others so that they may find the same scripts and information that I find useful when developing websites. Many of the articles here were written due to not being able to find the information and myself posting solutions that I came up with. This is not a daily blog…