Easy Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins

There are many websites out there that claim to pay you in Bitcoins for completing tasks and/or just submitting your wallet address but which ones actually work? Well I have taken the time to try a few of them and will be posting the ones that I know to payout, ones that payout but may have a minimum, as well as those that I have tested and never received a payment from. Lets start with the ones that work and pay well.

Free Bitcoin Websites that Pay:

  • Bitvisitor – Pays out very well and within a few hours at that. All you have to do is go to their website, enter your bitcoin wallet address and start. Between each visit you will have to enter a captcha so that bots can’t take advantage but it pays and is my top recommendation. – Visit Bitvisitor
  • Earn Free Bitcoins – Pays out and allows you to get free bitcoins every hour as long as you come back to the page and enter the captcha correctly. Will only allow one entry per hour – Visit Earn Free Bitcoins
  • Coin Chat – Get paid Bitcoin to chat online. Basically every so often as you are chatting you will see Bitcoin show up beside your message and add to your account. Don’t spam as it is moderated rather well. – Visit Coin Chat

Free Bitcoin Websites that do not Pay (try if you want):

  • CoinTube – I tried this website on two different occasions and never got paid but they claim to pay you to watch videos. You can try them if you want and definitely let me know via comments below if they pay you. – Visit CoinTube

This is a short list right now because i am going through and re-testing some of the sites since I was using them all at once it is hard to know which ones were actually paying and which were not. I will be adding to this list as I test the others.  If you know of any that you have verified either do or don’t payout please leave a comment below and I will test and add them.

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